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The sole purpose of Kernel.Fuhrer.web.ID is to fill the craters in the Linux industry by providing guides, software reviews, shell scripts, monitoring tools, Linux commands, Linux tips & tricks, etc. and we have continued to deliver the best content (most of which are exclusive) all in one place.

In an effort to improve our reach on the internet, we have launched our long-planned F.O.S.S (Free Open Source Software) section which we will use to constantly keep you updated on the most important things one should know about Linux, Open Source and Android projects.

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Our main content includes but isn’t restricted to News, How-Tos, Tips & Tricks, and App reviews as well as Linux Distro reviews, customizations, etc.

Reading our content will provide you with enough information to be more Linux literate than your peers. You will also be kept abreast of the latest and coolest Linux apps, distro updates, and solutions to common issues that bug the Linux ecosystem.

You will be an awesome addition to the family.

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