Install Pear OS 8 in dual boot with Windows 8

Pear OS  is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that mimics Apple’s OS X completely. OS X is known for its elegant looks and it is no surprise that some Linux distribution try to imitate it. Elementary OS Luna also takes inspiration from OS X but Pear OS completely imitates it. Since I always prefer to dual boot Linux with Window, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to install Pear OS 8 in dual boot mode with Windows 8.

To give some details, first I had Windows 7 installed on my computer with several partition. Later I installed Linux in dual boot with Windows on a partition of size 100 GB. Subsequently, I updated Windows 7 to Windows 8. This is why I never came up with Windows 8’s secure boot thing.

Install Pear OS 8 in dual boot with Windows 8:

Follow the steps below to install Pear OS 8 along side Windows 8 in dual boot:

Step 1: Create a live USB or disk

Download Pear OS 8 and create a live USB or disk. If you are using Windows, you can use a live usb creator tool.

Step 2: Boot in to live USB

Plug the live USB or disk in to your computer and it. While booting the computer, press F10 or F12 function key to go to the boot menu and then choose the option to boot from USB or Removable Media.

Step 3: Start the installation

It will take some time to boot from the live USB or disk. Once it boots in to live USB or disk,  you can find the install option on the desktop:

Install Pear OS 8 in dual boot with Windows 8

In the coming few screens, you?ll be asked to choose the language of the operating system. It will then do some checks on available space, battery and Internet connection. You don’t need to be Einstein to correctly do these things 🙂



Step 4: Prepare the partition

This is the most important part of any dual boot installation. How to do the partition and where to install the second OS. As Windows is already installed here, we?ll prepare a new partition for Pear OS 8. In the Installation Type window, choose Something Else:

Pear OS 8 dual boot Windows 8

If you look in the picture below, I have 3 NTFS and some ext4 partitions. If you don?t have ext4 partition, don?t worry, we don?t need that. One of the NTFS partition consists of Windows installation. The partition where Windows is installed must be untouched if you want to keep your Windows installation safe.

I assume you have more than one NTFS (or FAT 32) partitions (i.e. Drives in Windows term) on your hard disk i.e. you have more some drives other than C Drive. What we need is some free space. For that you can delete a NTFS or existing ext4 partition. This will delete all the data in that partition and this is why you should not touch the C Drive. If you are unsure where to find it, you cam see in the picture below that the partition where Windows is installed is flagged as Windows 8 (loader).

Click on the desired partition and press the  to delete the partition.


Step 5: Create root, swap and home

Once you have created the free space, its time to install Pear OS on it. There can be several ways to do it. But my favorite way is to create a Root, Swap and Home. Lets see how to do that.

Select the free space you just created and click on the + sign:


First we will create Root. Its up to you how much space you want to allocate to root. 10 GB is more than sufficient. I have allocated 20 GB, no specific reasons.


Next is to create Swap. It is advised by many that Swap partition size should be double of RAM size. Not mandatory to follow this convention.


Try to allocate most of the disk space to Home. After all, this is where all your documents, files will be saved.


Once you have created Root, Swap and Home, you are ready to install it. Click on Install Now.


Step 6: Follow the trivial instructions

If you created the partition successfully, you have almost won the battle. Its a cakewalk from here. You’ll be presented with screens to choose options such as language, keyboard, layout, login credentials etc. You can easily progress from here. I have put the screenshots for reference purpose:






And that would be it. On next boot, you will see the Pear OS 8 with Windows 8. I hope you found this guide to install Pear OS 8 in dual boot with Windows helpful. If you have questions, suggestions or a word of thanks, feel free to drop a comment.

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