The LG Watch Urbane 3rd Edition might have just passed through FCC


Two LG smartwatches have passed through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), speculated to be variants of the LG Watch Urbane 3rd Edition. The pair, bearing numbers W270 and W280, are
rumored to arrive soon after the launch of Android Wear 2.0 in February.

The devices are alleged to have IP67 certification and make use of a Qualcomm chipset, while the W280 variant may also feature LTE support and wireless charging. Further, the W280 is
mentioned alongside what could be carrier specific models, such as the LG-W280A and LG-W280V.

The Leaker, who discovered the FCC summary, also suggests that the device may “look similar to the Urbane 2 and will feature a Stainless Steel build,” citing a rumor from Chinese
social media site Weibo.

This is the first we’ve heard about potential LG smartwatches since last November when LG filed several trademarks for names including LG Watch
Style, LG Watch Force, LG Watch Pro, and LG Watch Sole.

Whether the W270 and W280 models pertain to the LG Watch Urbane 3rd gen, a new device featuring one of the names above, or something entirely different, we don’t know. If the
devices are near to finalization, however, there’s a chance we’ll see them at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, which starts February 27.

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